My name is Ingrid Denda. I don’t play or write music. I am not a Manager, Booking Agent, Promoter or Music Publicist.

I am a music lover and an avid concert goer. I’m also an experienced Financial Advisor and a Certified Financial Planner professional.

With my existing music industry clients, I noticed that there was a knowledge gap around financial literacy. In 2016, I founded The Wealthy Musician to help promote a better understanding of the basics of personal finance.

Musicians and others in the arts have become an important and growing segment of my business. By providing sound financial advice, I offer guidance to all my clients, musicians and non-musicians, to keep them on the right track and help them achieve their goals by making smart decisions along the way.

To book your consultation, email or text/call 416-616-4621.

    There is often an imbalance between the money being earned by musicians, how it is handled for them, and their general level of understanding around their finances. Through The Wealthy Musician, my goal is to promote financial literacy and answer questions that musicians may have.

    Unless you are multi-millionaire artist, your needs will likely be ignored by most Financial Advisors. This can lead to mismanagement and misguided advice as many musicians tend to live for the moment. Managers, Booking Agents, and Promoters are essential for your success, but they generally are not accredited Financial Advisors. On the other side, most Financial Advisors don’t understand the complexities around the music industry.
I understand these complexities. You deserve unbiased and diverse advice in a transparent manner. Even if you have banking questions, I can help answer them too, as I have an extensive career in banking. If you need help finding the most appropriate bookkeeper or lawyer, I can line you up through my list of professionals that I know and trust.

    As each musician is as different as the music they perform, I offer a complementary consultation, to see if there is a fit and a reason for us to meet again. To be successful, you need a solid team around you. Your Manager, Booking Agent and Promoter are there to help you become successful, and I can help you set and attain the goals that you worked so hard to achieve.

To book a consultation, email: or text/call 416-616-4621.